Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine at Caldwell

Caldwell Academy’s sports medicine program provides quality sports preventative and injury care for its students. This encompasses evaluation and diagnosis, injury prevention, treatment, rehabilitation, acute care, and athlete education. Our athletic trainer works closely with area physicians and team doctors to provide immediate and sustained care for students while also striving to establish trusting relationships with the athletes, coaching staff, parents, and the medical community.

Cari Colòn is Caldwell’s athletic trainer and is contracted through EmergeOrtho. EmergeOrtho's Dr. James Rogers serves as our team physician. Appointments can be made with easy access and the highest quality of care is given in a timely manner. EmergeOrtho also offers urgent care walk-in services at their locations.

The athletic trainer provides evaluations to determine a safe participation status, preventative bracing and taping, and rehabilitative/reconditioning therapy to any athlete with an injury. Athletes who are unable to participate in practice or contests are monitored while they complete their rehabilitation program. Athletic trainers work with the athlete's treating physician to carry out any rehabilitative therapy prescribed and are prepared to deal with those injuries that occur throughout each practice or contest.
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Cari Colòn became Caldwell's head certified athletic trainer in 2019 when she was hired to EmergeOrtho Triad Region's Sports Medicine Team. She previously served as the head certified athletic trainer at Farmville Central High School (FCHS) in Greenville, North Carolina, where she provided athletic training services for 24 athletic teams. She also served as a clinical preceptor to undergraduate athletic training students from East Carolina University, her alma mater.

As Caldwell's head certified athletic trainer, Cari provides preventative care, injury and illness evaluations, as well as treatment and rehabilitation of emergent, acute, and chronic medical conditions. She provides awareness, education, and intervention to minimize the risk of injury and illness of student-athletes. Cari uses her clinical knowledge to complete both on-the-field and off-the-field evaluations to determine a plan of care or medical referral when necessary. She prepares and maintains appropriate health record documentation related to the student-athlete.

While motivated to keep athletes on the playing surface, Cari continues to expand her professional knowledge. She has an interest in personalized blood flow restriction rehabilitation and pharmacology.

Cari graduated from Northeast Guilford High School where she played volleyball. She and her husband reside in Greensboro with their infant son.