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Caldwell Academy, a K-12 Classical School in Greensboro, NC.


Caldwell Academy is a TK - 12th-grade classical Christian school.  We believe children are made in the image of God and are growing in mind, heart, body, and soul during these formative years.  This is why a classical Christian education goes beyond intellectual development: we seek to partner together with parents to help their children learn to grow in love for the Lord and His word, and to seek wisdom, virtue, and service to the glory of His name.



Caldwell Academy, a K-12 Classical School in Greensboro, NC.

A Rich

Caldwell Academy was founded over 25 years ago by a group of dedicated parents who envisioned a school with strong academic programs taught from a Christian worldview. Their vision was shaped into a statement of our mission: to assist parents from a Biblical perspective in the instruction of their children by providing a classical and Christian education.





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Caldwell Academy, a K-12 Classical School in Greensboro, NC.


At Caldwell Academy we value the ability to attract and retain a community who is passionately committed to our mission and vision. We further believe that our school is enriched and strengthened through a student body that is socioeconomically diverse. We understand that for some families, the decision to pursue a private education comes down to a question of value and affordability. For this reason, we are excited to offer a variable tuition schedule.



How do you keep your campus safe?

The doors to our Grammar School and Student Life Center are always locked and require a keycode to enter. In addition, we have cameras on every exterior door and walkway, indoor staircases and hallways. Our faculty and staff are trained for lockdown procedure and we practice this with our students once per quarter. We have an off-duty police officer who walks our campus every day. 

How can I afford this education for all 13 years?

We offer variable tuition, or essentially tuition assistance, for families who are financially eligible. However, many of our families make sacrifices in how they would normally use their income in order to provide this education for their children. No one can know with any certainty what their financial position will be for the next 13 years; it is important to walk by faith and not by sight, asking the Lord to provide what we need.

How do children transition to Caldwell from other schools?

We welcome transferring students to the Caldwell community. Frequently, Caldwell’s academics differ in pace and workload from progressive public schools but will probably be somewhat similar to other independent schools. Curriculum across schools do not typically match up, so students from other schools may or may not have already completed study in what our students are mastering. Our teachers are very supportive of our students’ learning success. They work closely with new students to help them make the transition academically and socially.  New students are also paired with a “student shepherd” who will sit next to them at lunch, invite them to play at break, assist with understanding their schedule and classroom locations and help them feel included and welcome for their first few weeks at school.

Do you have chapel?

Yes. Once a week for about 20 minutes students gather by school to sing, pray, and hear a short talk or testimony from a Caldwell staff member.

Caldwell is a non-denominational school, so we are not teaching the doctrines of any specific church. However, our statement of faith would be considered orthodox and we have a high view of scripture. We see the need for the family and the church to take the first and second seats of influence in our students’ lives.

How is Bible part of your day?

In grades TK - 5, Bible has a designated time during each school day, but as a classical school, we weave our subjects together so Bible becomes part of discussions in different subjects throughout the day. In 6th - 8th grades, there is still time devoted to reading the Old and New Testaments within our Humanities classes, and moving into 9th- 12th grades there is more conversation centering on application and apologetics.

How do you handle bullying or other social issues?

Caldwell Academy is a school that desires to put Jesus and His kingdom first. We train our students that when we order our lives in this way, Jesus first, then others, and lastly self, we are doing what God asks us to do and we are growing to be more like Jesus.

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these.” Mark 12:30-31 

We have a curriculum in place for our Grammar students (the Kindness Program) and we believe in shepherding students’ hearts so conflict is handled in a gentle, but firm manner. We want our students to be accountable for their actions and to ask for and offer forgiveness as the need arises. This is why it is important that we partner with like-minded families.

Do you serve gifted students or those with learning differences?

For students with some diagnosed mild to moderate learning differences, we have an Academic Resource Center that can work with the teacher and the parent to put a formal accommodations plan in place. We are not equipped to provide services in-house to the extent that Guilford County provides; we do not have IEPs or 504s. We do not modify curriculum or have pull-outs.

Students who are academically advanced find the classical approach very satisfying because the teaching inside the classroom aligns with a child’s development (they learn different skills according to what they are ready to do in each grade), subjects are taught in order to make connections which provides more thoughtful exploration of ideas and concepts, and it teaches students to embrace diligence and hard work.  

Is Caldwell a diverse community?

Socio-economic, ethnic and racial diversity are represented at Caldwell, and we are prayerfully seeking the Lord to help make Caldwell a place that fully represents the family of God. Ultimately, we want to partner with like-minded families throughout Greensboro who want Caldwell to be their child’s educational home.

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