Transitional Kindergarten

Why One More Year?

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We are learning through research that many children are entering Kindergarten without the necessary tools to be successful in the long run of their K-12 journey. This can often be attributed to the fact that they were not developmentally ready for school, which is different from academic readiness (knowing how to write letters or read.) These children are falling behind because they are not prepared for the expectations of upper elementary school and beyond.
A year in Caldwell’s Transitional Kindergarten classroom gives our four and young five-year olds the time they need to develop cognitively, emotionally and socially, and to begin mastering their fine and gross motor skills. 
One of the outcomes of a classical education is a student who has confidence and loves to learn. How do we do this? One of the keys is making sure a student is developmentally ready to start their school years. Caldwell’s TK classroom is giving students the gift of school-readiness, which develops confident children who are ready to learn. Our TK four and five-year olds enjoy a multi-sensory approach to learning through music and art classes, daily outdoor free-play, and engaging stories. All of this engagement lays an essential foundation for joy-filled learning.
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