There's a Camp for That!

Posted by Joy Hubbard P '26, '27, '29
Are you interested in summer camp for your kids? Caldwell Academy has a variety of exciting and new summer camp offerings this year! From sports and art to life skills and Mad Science, there is a camp for every interest.
My father is one of my favorite human beings. He’s a role model and an inspiration. Have you seen the movie Hoosiers? That’s my dad. He’s the coach that inspires his athletes to play their hearts out every time they compete. He coached wrestling and volleyball, he was my Select-Team softball coach until college, and now helps coach one of my sons in baseball. He was a middle-school health teacher for 40 years, athletics director for 10, and coached for all of those years and counting. In Wisconsin, he was inducted into the Hall of Fame at the school where he coached all those years. He inspired so many students and athletes and with the help of Jesus, turned a lot of lives around.

My brother and I grew up in the gym we loved it. Hanging out with dad during practice and shagging volleyballs filled many summer days. We did this nearly every summer while my dad coached camps for volleyball, softball, wrestling, weightlifting, you name it. These experiences sparked and fueled my love of summer camps. They also make me think camps are more important and more special than we realize.

Caldwell Academy's summer camps paint a fuller picture of the school's mission and vision, which is to assist parents from a biblical perspective in the instruction of their children by providing a classical and Christian education. We aim to develop wisdom, virtue, and service all to the glory of God. Summer camps reflect the school's mission and enhance what our faculty and staff commit to doing daily throughout the academic year.

Summer camps are fun! They are a time for kids to make new friends, learn a new skill, or take a deep dive into a subject or sport they enjoy. It’s a time to learn in a laid-back and enjoyable environment outside of the typical school routine. Camp instructors are excited to share something they love with our children. As a parent, I’m so thankful our staff wants to pour into our children even during the summer. What a gift!

This year Caldwell is pleased to offer 20 camps that range in activity from sports (volleyball, soccer, basketball, baseball, cheer) to creativity and learning (art, science, music, drama, life skills, reading, Kindergarten). Some of these camps are fixtures in our summer offerings, but we are excited by some of the new and different camps in the lineup. There truly is something for everyone! 

As we have added new camps this year, I’d love to highlight a few and briefly describe them. Ms. Stephanie Moore’s '12 Mad Science Camp is sure to be a blast! Campers will explore the world around them through discovery and experimentation. Each day, campers will have a different lab activity and experiment that introduces them to principles of chemistry, physics, biology, technology, engineering, and math. Campers can count on taking chances, making mistakes, and getting messy! It’s sure to be a fun time of discovery with Ms. Moore!

Have you ever wondered what it takes to create like a Disney Imagineer? Our new Clever Camps may be for you! These camps are for kids who want to get their hands dirty and increase their dexterity in a variety of skills. At one time we thought of these as basic life skills, but in this camp led by Rhetoric School teacher Zachary Roberts, the skills find their way into fun competitions, experiments, and opportunities to display talent. Your child might just walk away from this camp knowing how to bake the perfect chocolate chip cookie, sharpen and correctly use a knife, listen to music on a vinyl record, check a car’s tire pressure and oil level, play rummy, sew a hem, or rewire a lamp. Just think, Martha Stewart, Leonardo DaVinci, and Disney’s Imagineers all started at the same place, learning how to work with their hands. Your child can, too!

In our Summer In Bloom Camp, Karen Brady will help campers see the beauty all around us! Children will learn how to make beautiful floral arrangements with store-bought flowers as well as blooming flowers from our backyard. Campers will learn how to arrange and also get creative with containers. On the last day of camp, campers will bring their own container and take home their very own creation. Summer is in bloom!

Summer camps are a great way to introduce our school to friends outside of the Caldwell community! Camps are open to children of age from any school or background, so invite them to join your family as you explore something new in a fun, stress-free environment. It's a perfect way to show them why we love Caldwell Academy!

Plan to attend our summer camps and experience the joy of learning outside of the school year. Don't delay as some camps are full and others are nearing capacity. Follow this link to register today!
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