The Fine Arts have a prominent role in the classical Christian instructional program of Caldwell Academy. The ultimate goal of Caldwell’s fine arts program is nurturing students to be lovers of the lovely. The fine arts are both a vehicle for Caldwell-Photography-Photos1-060communicating cultural meaning and value, as well as a means by which we, as image bearers, reflect or deflect the aesthetic of our Creator’s beauty.

Music, art, and drama are offered as courses and integrated throughout the curriculum. The course content parallels the stages of the Trivium. Grammar students (grades K-5) learn the fundamentals, facts, and rules of the subject. Dialectic students (grades 6-8) fit the foundational pieces together to be able to produce or perform. Rhetoric students (grades 9-12) focus on the communicative power of the fine arts and analyze the worldviews reflected in the works of great artists and musicians of both the past and the present.