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Tuition and Fees

Tuition for the 2021-2022 school year is as follows:


Full Tuition
TK $6,564
K-2  $11,472
3-5  $11,580
6-8  $13,080
9-12  $13,668


Additional fees and expenses not covered by tuition
  • Application Fee: $100 per student

  • Assessment Fee: $75 per student


Variable Tuition

An education is an investment in a child’s future. At Caldwell, we believe that this investment is an eternal one, as we seek to develop a love for God and others in our students. Caldwell parents believe this investment is so valuable that they are willing to make sacrifices and adjustments to their family’s budget in order to provide this opportunity for their children.

Caldwell receives numerous applications for variable tuition each year. Discounts are awarded based on demonstrated need, and tuition is not prorated for every unexpected life circumstance. The family will be expected to arrange the necessary support, including using income from both parents and/or other family or institutional support. In order to protect a family’s privacy, Caldwell uses a third party, Financial Aid for Student Tuition (FAST), to determine financial need.

Caldwell does not have a scholarship fund for any special merit, talent, vocation, nationality, etc. All admission decisions are made in consideration of anticipated partnership, missional alignment, and evaluation of academics in order to set a student up for success, not on whether a family can pay tuition. 

Each year variable tuition discounts are awarded first to currently enrolled children. Current families who wish to enroll another child are given priority over new families. 

Caldwell Academy does not accept the NC Opportunity Scholarship.

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