Celebrating Caldwell's Community

Posted by Jane Norris P '24, '20, '17
What are you seeking in your child's school community? Is your community a life-giving space for both students and families?

Since its inception, Caldwell has partnered with families to provide a classical education taught from a biblical perspective in a supportive community. Jane Norris P '17, '20, '24 describes how Caldwell's community has enriched her family's time at the school. She also invites everyone to experience the Caldwell community firsthand at our May 6 Backyard Bash.
What was your introduction to the Caldwell community? What kind of impression did it make on you?
We were introduced to the Caldwell community shortly after moving to Greensboro. Close friends of ours highly recommended Caldwell and shared the unique aspects of Caldwell’s classical educational model and its biblical worldview. That combination drew us to visit Caldwell. However, once we set foot on the campus, we were greeted by several Caldwell upperclassmen who warmly welcomed us and held the doors as we entered Founder’s Hall. What an impression that made on us! We were ready to sign up that day! Thinking back to our first experience on campus 17 years ago, we had no idea of the countless blessings that would come from our decision to send our three boys to Caldwell. We gained another family that day, which has continued to shape each one of our lives, challenging us to grow, dream, pray, praise, invest and share; all within a community of individuals uniquely gifted by God. We remain humbled and in awe of God’s goodness as we stop and reflect on the impact that choice has made in our lives.

How would you describe the Caldwell community? What makes it unique?
The word that comes to mind when I think about the Caldwell community is extraordinary. I have always loved the quote, “The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is the little ‘extra.’” There is something especially wonderful about being surrounded by teachers, administrators, staff, and other Caldwell family members who love the Lord and desire to follow Christ’s example of serving selflessly and loving others above one’s self. To be the recipient of this kind of loving-kindness and concern, day in and day out is life-changing. The “extra” ingredient that sets Caldwell apart is Jesus Christ! He makes all the difference.

For those new to Caldwell, what exactly is the Backyard Bash and who is it for?

The Backyard Bash is a giant backyard party held on Caldwell’s campus for EVERYONE in the Caldwell community. It is complete with bouncy houses, games, dunk tank, cake walk, photo booth, face painting, dinner fare, and lots and lots of sweet treats. The goal of this gathering is for every single person who attends to have a blast with their Caldwell friends and family - both old and new. You won’t want to miss it!

What inspired your involvement in this year's Backyard Bash and what is your role in the event? How can others participate?

This is the first Backyard Bash since the COVID-19 pandemic started, which limited many of the community-building events we have looked forward to each year. Being a part of a group of Caldwell parents and grandparents who come together to plan an event such as the Backyard Bash is something I have absolutely loved. I have made many new friends over the years by helping with these events. Floy Collis does an incredible job coordinating people and sponsors, creating committees, and casting a vision for our many special events. When you see an invitation in the Eagle’s Call to join a planning committee to help host an event, COME! You won’t regret it!

The Backyard Bash is but one way Caldwell experiences and celebrates its community. What are some other ways you and others have enjoyed the Caldwell community?

Veterans Day, Grandparent’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Grammar Recitation Days, K-Pal events, Senior Recognition Service, and Graduation. Each of these gatherings highlights the close connections the Caldwell community shares. Caldwell celebrates well! The genuine care and attention taken in making the events meaningful is something that sets Caldwell apart.