Topics For Parents

04/06/2022Fostering A Love Of ReadingPatti Burkhead P '14Our Grammar School librarian explains ways to make reading part of your child's life without making it a chore.
03/30/2022So You're In Middle School... Now What?April Hedman P '22, '24, '26, '29, '31, '32Catch a glimpse of 6th grade at Caldwell from this parent and former administrator. 
01/19/2022Why TK Is A Decision We Won't RegretLuke Vandall P '35Kindergarten or transitional kindergarten? Read how one family addressed the question and how it's worked out.
12/29/2021Kindergarten or TK: Where Do We Start? Corrie WeaverLearn the difference between the two classes from a Caldwell teacher who has taught both.
12/06/2021Our Family's Journey To Caldwell AcademyAmanda Bailess P '32, '35Is it time to switch schools? Read how God walked with and before one family as it prayed over this important question.