What is Caldwell Compassion?

Caldwell Compassion is Caldwell Academy’s spring fundraiser and schoolwide day of service in the local community. Caldwell Compassion, has become one of the highlights of the school year as students are taught not only about hard work, but also about the substantial needs present in our own neighborhoods and around the world.

When is Caldwell Compassion?

Wednesday, April 10, 2019, during the regular school day.

Caldwell Academy

Who will be involved in Caldwell Compassion?

Students, faculty, staff, and parents will participate in Caldwell Compassion.  Faculty and students will serve during regular school hours at organizations within the Greensboro community. Younger Grammar students will stay onsite to work on projects brought to campus by local nonprofits. Parents are welcome and encouraged to volunteer at any of our service locations.

Where did students serve in 2018?

Caldwell Compassion 2018 had an incredible impact not only on Caldwell and its students, but also on the Greensboro community. On April 18, members of the school community – 

Caldwell Academy

students, teachers, parents and, staff –  were busy doing everything from bagging 22,000 pounds of potatoes for various food pantries to clearing trails and planting gardens and creating a Field Day for adults with disabilities. To see a full list of our where our students served, click here.

How can I be involved in Caldwell Compassion?

  • Become a Corporate Sponsor: Our Corporate Sponsors are listed below. Click here for more information about sponsorship. If you have questions about Corporate Sponsorship, please contact Floy Collis at
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Caldwell Compassion 2018 Corporate Sponsors

Caldwell Academy would like to thank the following 2018 Corporate Sponsors for supporting Caldwell Compassion! Click here to see our 2018 sponsors.

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