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Dialectic School

(Middle School) 

At Caldwell Academy, the Dialectic School (Middle School) is comprised of students in sixth through eighth grades. The focus during these years is to build on the foundation established in the Grammar stage.




The Dialectic School is a hub of discussion, discourse, and debate

In our middle school, we teach students to employ reason and apply and analyze knowledge in order to arrive at a deeper understanding of themselves and the world. At this stage of a student’s development, the love of argument becomes obvious, and we direct the students’ natural tendencies by teaching the proper form of argument through studies in formal and informal logic.

Mathematics, the sciences, and the tools of learning

The Tools of Learning (Writing, Thinking, Listening, Speaking, and Reading) are practiced and sharpened across the curriculum with a more rigorous study of mathematics and science. The pre-Algebra sequence integrates Geometry and aims to prepare students for higher-level mathematics in the upper school, while middle school science prepares students for the rigors of physics, biology and chemistry. 

Caldwell Academy is a PK-12 Classical Christian School in Greensboro, NC.

Freedom to exercise independence within the security of age-appropriate boundaries

Our caring student/teacher relationships foster an environment where adolescent students experience the freedom to exercise independence within the security of age-appropriate boundaries, thereby cultivating wisdom and virtue. Students are mentored by teachers who are passionate about their subjects and who encourage their students to ask questions and participate in conversation. Caldwell desires to create a safe space for pre-teens to use discernment and problem-solving skills in relationships at school and thereby learning to use those same skills outside of school.

Performing arts at Caldwell Academy in Greensboro, NC

Student Life activities to allow personal growth

Caldwell middle school has created activities for student engagement designed to develop a discerning mind and to cultivate an appreciation for truth, goodness, and beauty. Throughout their three years in the Dialectic School, students may enjoy participation in a variety of activities: fine arts, sports, Bible studies, service projects, homeroom fellowship, competitions, and leadership opportunities. 

Navigating Middle School: A Parent's Toolkit


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