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College Guidance


Academic and College Advising

Caldwell Academy offers an academic and college advising program in which we assist all students and families individually as they prepare to complete high school and transition to college.  

The best college fit is the one that meets the student’s academic, social, spiritual, and financial goals

Students are given personalized attention and direction as they explore their gifts and passions as well as the post-secondary educational options that best fit their goals. Our College Admissions Counselor serves as an advocate for every student throughout this process. At Caldwell we strongly believe in the principle of college as “a match to be made, not a trophy to be won.” Since God has uniquely created each student, and as each student has unique long-term goals, we believe the best college fit is the one that meets the student’s academic, social, spiritual, and financial goals.

Caldwell’s College Admissions Counselor is highly qualified

Our college admissions counselor is highly qualified to provide guidance to our students as they navigate the college admissions landscape. In preparing for an ever-changing admissions process, our counselor keeps current through ongoing training, summer coursework, workshops, conferences, and numerous college visits.  Caldwell Academy is also honored to host numerous college representatives on our campus each fall. This allows colleges to see firsthand Caldwell’s outstanding academic offerings as well as giving them the opportunity to meet our students.

college fair

College Guidance Includes:

  • Parent and student workshops
  • Personal conferencing and strategic college research
  • Academic advising
  • Career exploration
  • College representative visits to Caldwell
  • Financial aid and scholarship advising
  • Guidance through the college application process
  • College readiness workshops
  • Guidance on SAT, ACT, and SAT Subject Tests
  • Guidance on resume and essay writing

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