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From Homeschool to Caldwell

Posted by Lucy Walsh on Dec 2, 2020 12:00:00 PM

Homeschooling is a beautiful journey. Our family was blessed to homeschool for 8 years. In the beginning of our homeschool journey, we taught a more traditional school curriculum. The amount of resources and curricula available to homeschoolers is incredibly overwhelming, but we discovered what we felt worked for our family. We muddled through our days trying to figure it all out. Eventually, we transitioned to a Christ-centered, classical method of homeschooling with which we fell in love.

IMG_2796Some of the things we enjoyed most when we homeschooled were slow mornings, great literature, completing studies in 3-4 hours, having time to explore and play, the freedom to travel with dad when work led him to interesting places, and most importantly, the relationships we built with our children. While quiet mornings, good books, short academic days, and traveling were some of the highlights of our homeschool, the relationships with our children and between our children stand out to me the most. As our homeschool evolved, character development became top of our list.

Road workIt’s funny how God works. The unexpected happened at the beginning of our 2018-2019 school year. Our homeschool could have come to a screeching halt, but through prayer and obedience, we were able to trust our girls to learn independently, help each other with tough subjects, and carry on homeschooling during that
time of uncertainty. The 2 older girls took responsibility for their education, and the youngest completed her memory work and math on her own. They were obedient and trustworthy in their studies during a scary time. God is good!! I love that through grace we were able to lay a strong biblical foundation, chisel away at character development, and build loving relationships with our children and between our children in our homeschool.

After that difficult period, we felt God begin to nudge us to explore Science Fairother opportunities for our children to continue their education. The decision to transition to Caldwell was a bit scary. Fear crept in. Did we do enough? Are our children where they need to be academically to excel at Caldwell? What did we miss? Will they be accepted? Will the faculty and staff care about our children enough to communicate with us about their progress? Will they meet our children where they are and develop a plan for success? Is Caldwell good enough for our kids? Will they teach with a biblical worldview? Are they truly conversational in their instruction? Will our children learn to think, not what to think? Will they dig deep with them and expose truth? I’m telling you, if it could be worried about and stressed over, I did!

From the day we contacted Caldwell to inquire about beginning the application process we were met with uplifting words of encouragement and reassurance. The process was well laid out and progressed smoothly. All we had to do was prayerfully take the next steps. Our meetings and interviews were held over zoom and could First day of Caldwellbe somewhat awkward (what zoom meeting isn’t awkward?), everyone we spoke with was kind, encouraging, enthusiastic, and genuinely interested in our children. Most importantly, their love for the Lord was apparent. Truth was spoken over our children during those awkward zoom interviews; truth from people on the other side of a computer screen that had not met our children in person. PRAISE!!



Now that we are well into the second quarter, these are the things I can tell you:

  • We have a child in Grammar, Dialectic, and
    Rhetoric and they each love going to school at Caldwell.
  • They are being challenged, digging deep, and making connections.
  • Our children are being nourished, not filled.

They are well on their way to pursuing wisdom in the eyes of the Lord. Yes, we have hit a few bumps. The faculty has come alongside us and together, with our children, we have worked through obstacles. It is clear to our family that Caldwell Academy cares about the success of our children as students, but more importantly, as children of God created in His image. I miss my children and our homeschool days, yet I am so very thankful God has provided a place for them to continue their education, a place for them to be nourished, a place for them to seek wisdom through His eyes.


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