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Several weeks ago, our Grammar School students embarked on one of the most memorable journeys they have ever experienced.

Last spring, a tornado ripped through East Greensboro, leaving families without homes and children without schools. Greensboro Urban Ministries stepped in and provided food for the tornado victims, as well as continuing to assist others with tremendous ongoing needs such as those resulting from the recent hurricanes. As a result, the agency is faced with dwindling food supplies. Our Grammar School decided that helping Urban Ministries restock their shelves was a great way for Caldwell students to get involved and make a difference. 

Yes, it would have been easy for parents to do the shopping and collect everything needed, but instead, our students were challenged to complete jobs around their homes in order to raise their own money and shop for canned goods themselves. 

Participation in this food drive opened our students’ eyes to what sacrificial giving and service look like. They’re beginning to understand that they can make a difference right where they are and with the resources they have: their time, energy, and finances. 

Way to go, Grammar School!