Caldwell Academy offers physical education classes to all Kindergarten through 12th Grade students. Grammar students attend PE class twice a week while Dialectic and Rhetoric students may choose a physical education elective. Caldwell PE classes are designed to help students improve their movement and sports patterns so they can apply them in specialized sports and rhythmic activities, as well as develop and maintain physical fitness.

Activities in Caldwell Academy’s physical education classes include:

  • Running, jumping, skipping, hopping, etc.
  • Throwing/catching
  • Kicking, dribbling (with feet)
  • Bouncing, dribbling (with hands)
  • Fleeing, chasing, dodging
  • Striking (with paddles, hockey sticks, etc.)
  • Jump rope
  • Dance
  • Juggling
  • Team sports: soccer, basketball, floor hockey, volleyball, etc.
  • Weight training
  • The President’s Challenge Physical Fitness Test