Caldwell Stories


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  • Ashley Wilkie '18

    “Caldwell prepared me for where I am today because I learned how to face challenges I never thought I could do. I definitely struggled a little bit in academics at Caldwell. But the teachers and my peers pushed me to do the best I could possibly do and helped me learn how to overcome any challenge that I face and to not give up. This mindset prepared me for the challenges I would face when I got to college. I have so much perseverance and I work so hard to obtain what is important to me personally. Caldwell also taught me to thank God each and every day for what I have been given. I know that I am able to accomplish everything I am today because of His plan. I feel very confident when I say I could not have been able to work as hard to pursue my teaching career if I didn’t go to school at Caldwell. Being a Caldwell student gave me the confidence to work hard towards being who I want to be.”


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  • Joy Johnson, Grammar School

    "I enjoy the freedom to teach the truth of the Bible as God’s history and plan for all people. We are able to apply those truths across subjects as we purposefully make history come alive, teach grammar and writing, wonder at creation, attack traditional math concepts, read novels, and discuss deeply."


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  • Noelle Hunkele '29

    “My favorite subject is science, especially astronomy and weather. We get to do hands-on activities in science, such as dissecting a chicken wing, planting in the garden and going outside to study the weather.

    The teachers at Caldwell are kind, fun, and loving. They express themselves in a way that makes it fun to learn. Caldwell's teaching strategies work really well. They teach songs that help with memorization. We get ready for tests by doing challenges, solving riddles, playing Latin gaga ball, and my favorite, history games.”


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  • Jenni & Joey Broyles

    “Our family has loved the support and encouragement the Caldwell community provides! From parent volunteers sending pictures from field trips to those parents that couldn't attend... to numerous students, staff, and families cheering on players at athletic meal deliveries and prayer chains for families undergoing illness or grade-wide mom's night out and dad's 717 events for parent relationship K-Pals that link Kindergarten and Senior students for the year. Bottom line - the Caldwell community is ever-growing and shows support as I've never seen before!

    "Our children have grown spiritually, emotionally, and mentally at Caldwell! I have been most impressed with the classical education programs that have really encouraged all facets of growth. For example, at Caldwell, children will start public speaking in the 3rd grade - making even the most introverted of children confident public speakers before they graduate. It's an incredible asset to learn at such a young age with such a supportive group of students and teachers encouraging them on their journey. And, through this speaking, they learn how to not only present key topics supported by facts and data but also to how to defend their arguments. This ability to both learn and defend is something we have seen growth in our children - strengthening their intellect and faith!”