Welcome to Caldwell AcademySam Cox

Caldwell Academy provides a most unique learning experience. We are the only school in the Triad to offer a distinctively Christian and classical education. Families need not choose between having a thoroughly vibrant Christ-centered education and a rich and deep classical academic experience. Faith and reason thrive within the walls of Caldwell Academy, where we exist to assist parents in training true worshippers of God.

We recognize that our students are created in God’s image, which provides the framework for all that we do. Our motto is “Soli Deo Gloria,” and all that we do is cast in the light that we must give glory to God alone. At Caldwell we seek to equip students with a thoughtful Christian worldview, affirming that “all truth is God’s truth,” and that a rightly-ordered understanding of the universe can only exist where all things are considered in relation to the triune God. Accordingly, we take an integrated approach to all studies and our interdisciplinary model of classical liberal arts and sciences, in concert with scriptural teachings at home and church, shapes faith and reason as students begin to pursue wisdom and virtue in all aspects of their lives.

Here at Caldwell we practice good habits and give students a moral framework for their lives. We seek to awaken the imagination of students, inspiring them to lives of wonder and awe at the handiwork of God and the glories of human culture. We affirm that God’s character is stamped on every subject and that the life of the mind is an integral component of the Christian life.

We are here to assist parents in the godly training of their children. We are earnest in our pursuit of renewing minds and enriching souls, impacting the future of our culture for Christ as His image bearers. I invite you to come in for a tour, chat with our teachers and administrators, or call a parent. Come experience Caldwell for yourself, a classical, Christian, community school.

Soli Deo Gloria,

Samuel P. Cox
Head of School

Email: headofschool@caldwellacademy.org