Visual Arts

Grammar ArtCaldwell-Photography-Photos1-333

Grammar students explore God’s order and beauty found in the basic elements and principles of design as they attend art class once a week. Students are instructed in the basic principles of art found in the art alphabet and are taught how to apply them to their drawings, paintings, mosaics, sculptures, and more. Students gain exposure to particular techniques and are able to experiment as projects are created through a variety of media including charcoal, pen/pencil, Cray-Pas, pastels, watercolor, chalk, clay, and mixed media.

Each grade in the Grammar School is also exposed to an introductory level of art history that corresponds with their classroom studies. In considering various works with reference to specific time periods, students learn how art expresses a culture’s worldview.

Mostly importantly, Grammar students learn that they are God’s masterpiece, created to do good works for the glory of God.

Dialectic and Rhetoric Art

A variety of elective art classes offer instruction to artists of all skill levels in our Dialectic and Rhetoric Schools. Students are provided many opportunities to experiment with different art mediums including charcoal, pen/pencil, pastels, watercolor, block printing, acrylic, and mixed media. Classes explore a wide range of subject matter and themes throughout the year such as still life, reproduction of masters’ work, portraits, and linear perspective.



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